Handmade Wooden Ornaments in Aromatic Cedar

ornament of Candy Cane Candy Cane $6.00
ornament of Christmas bow Christmas Bow $6.00
ornament of Hummingbird Hummingbird $6.00
ornament of Dove Peace Dove $6.00
ornament of Brass Candle Brass Candlestick $6.00
ornament of Christmas Tree Christmas Tree $6.00
ornament of Christmas Tree Christmas Tree 2 $6.00
ornament of Dove Dove 2 $6.00
ornament of Dove Dove 3 $6.00
ornament of Madonna and Baby Madonna and Baby $6.00
ornament of Snowman Snowman $6.00
ornament of Star Star $6.00
These ornaments are hand made in the USA, using a scroll saw. They are made of 1/4" aromatic cedar. They have a wonderful scent, which may fade over time but can be renewed with light sanding with a fine sandpaper, like 320 grit. Storage in a tightly sealed tupperware container or plastic bag between seasons may help maintain the scent. And, if you wish to finish the ornaments to enhance the beautiful grain, you will lose some or all of the scent, but will have lovely ornaments for years to come.